Teaching & Photography Workshops

Photography Workshops

Photographer Lynn Johnson is available
for consulting, teaching at universities and workshops around the world.

If you are interested in learning photography from Lynn, please contact her.


Visiting Professional
Multimedia Photography & Design

S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University

I have never met anyone quite like Lynn Johnson. She is one of the wisest and most caring women I have ever had the chance to work with, all which shows in her intimate yet intense photographs. As a teacher, Lynn took all of her experience and hard work in the field and bestowed those experiences onto our class. I still think about Lynn’s incredible words of wisdom every time I raise a camera to my eye. I don’t know where I would be — both as a photographer and a human being — without them.

Andrew Renneisen,
Multimedia Photography & Design,
S.I. Newhouse Student, Freelance

Photo by Stacy Gold

Photo by Stacy Gold

National Geographic Photo Camp Instructor, Photographer
Vision Workshops: Kenya

Photo Camp is a partnership between National Geographic and Vision Workshops designed to encourage and inspire young people from underserved communities around the world to use their cameras to explore their lives and those around them.