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Zambia: Conservation & Survival

In Zambia, it is a balancing act constantly threatening to tip.

On one side is survival—food, fuel, home and health. On the other is wildlife—the black rhino—hunted to extinction, 11.7 million people—living on less than a dollar a day, one in six adults who are HIV-positive, and a shamelessly corrupt government.

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Lynn Johnson
Vincent Van Gogh: Inspired by Light

Swirling through life like brush strokes on his canvas, Vincent van Gogh sought pain and beauty in every part of his life. From his love affairs and religion to his painter’s palette, first dark then vibrant, he was a wanderer.

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Deb P Davis
Tibet: Freedom Denied

In the future this place will be known only as China.

Tibet—Land of the Snow Leopard, prayer wheels and yak herders—it is being transformed by degrees as the Chinese erase both Tibetan religion and culture first by violence, then “re-education” and finally, mass immigration of Han Chinese.

Some say it is progress, others genocide.

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Lynn Johnson